Oooh, another blog by Chong Pong…  this time a photography blog?  I’m not really know as big photography person, as you can probably tell from my crappy photos over at Ching Chong Ping Pong.  It all started years ago when I was on vacation at I started noticing a lot of people were taking their vacation memories with their .3 megapixel phone cameras.  In my mind, I was wondering why people would want to keep such low resolution photos of their vacations?  I was carrying my trusty Nokia 8800 and a point and shoot film digital camera.  I’m no photographer but I was taking better photos than my 8800 could.  The only conclusion I could come up with was these folks wanted the convenience of not having to carry 2 devices around (3 for me since I also have a work phone).

It wasn’t long before I started lusting for a phone with a camera that can replace my point and shoot.  My Samsung Jack and Epix weren’t up to snuff, neither was my Motorola Milestone.  The first phone that produced any decent photos for me was my iPhone 4.  My Samsung Captivate and Blackberry 9900 were a step backwards but I couldn’t stand the restrictiveness of the iPhone and my work gave me the 9900.  A friend of mine got me a deal on a Galaxy S3 and I upgraded.  Photos from that were finally good enough for me to leave the camera at home when I go on vacation.  My company soon replaced my 9900 with the new Z10 and I noticed that it produced better pictures than the S3 did.

There was one phone that I was always reluctant to purchase and that was the Nokia 808 Pureview.  It boasted a 41 megapixel sensor and from what I can see produced photos on par with low end SLR cameras.  I was reluctant because the OS was a dead end, the battery was small and the screen was low resolution compared to what’s available.  Still, I wanted one but the max I would pay would be in the $200 range.  I was waiting and waiting then one day, Nokia announced the Lumia 1020.  Finally, a phone with a modern OS and a magnificent camera.  41 megapixel sensor, xenon flash and a camera grip that actually turns it into more of a camera than a phone.

I’ve taken a lot of photos with this phone since I got it and plan on taking many many more.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots here with you.  Now, I’m not a pro photographer so the photos may not be the best and I’m sure others can take better photos with the same phone but nevertheless, I enjoy.  If you want to share your best photos, I welcome that as well.  You can find out how at http://www.themopho.com/contribute-your-photos/



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